German Producer Seth Schwarz Rattles the House Scene With New EP, ‘Eden’! [JW Collective]

Based in Germany, Seth Schwarz rejuvenates the house genre with his own melodic and classical spin. The German producer, composer, and instrumentalist released his latest six-song collection entitled ‘Eden’ through 3000 Grad Records.

Schwarz Takes Listeners On a Mystic Journey with ‘Eden’.

Be Svendsen join forces to create a powerful opener for the EP called, “Elves of Karoo”. A 10-minute long song that quickly builds with techno tropical swishes and quirky grooves that lead into a jazzy violin break, and hits right in the middle of the track.

In the second listing “Quando Rando”, a slight Latin influence takes ahold of this techno and deep house track. Slightly slower, yet full of rhythm, the single reveals Schwarz composition skills as you hear more and more layers added into the music. The remaining songs are remixes by EinmusikGabriel Ananda,Mollono.Bassand Rey & Kjavik. Each remix delivers a refreshing take of Schwarz’s original songs.

Seth’s hypnotic grooves and melodic flares will have listeners lost in a deep trance.

Schwarz is known to incorporate elements of house, techno, and electronica, while improvising with his violin for an emotional imprint. Schwarz has performed internationally in Europe, Japan, North, Central & South America and Africa. He has also played at renowned music festivals among Burning Man, Amsterdam Dance Event, The BPM Festival, Fusion Festival, and Afrika Burn.

Creativity and free spirit breathes deeply within ‘Eden.’ Seth’s original compositions and signature blend of euphoric house music will undoubtedly keep him ahead of his time.

Connect with Seth Schwarz: 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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