Melt in Petit Biscuit’s Latest Drippy, Melodic Masterpiece: Suffer | Safe [thatDROP]

Not even one year since his debut 14-track album PresencePetit Biscuit delivers a new EP, this time to reflect the balances of life. “Suffer | Safe” will evoke a sense of calmness that carves a fine line between those two emotions.


The first track “Suffer” is ironically an upbeat track springing with poppy vocals, courtesy of Swedish singer-songwriter SKOTT. The delicate sirens and entrancing guitar riffs cohesively blend to release an unspoken tension.

One of my initial recordings made it into the track, that siren sounding shout at the beginning. That’s in part why it’s called “Suffer”, composing it helped me get over some painful moments. –Petit Biscuit

If you like Odesza, you will like this.

Listen to Petit Biscuit’s EP- Suffer | Safe:

Petit Biscuit slows it down in his single “Safe” with breathy cries and echoic hums. He tosses between ambient and future bass styles, as he fades between drippy piano melodies and layered synths.

After witnessing his sound at the Fonda in LA, you see his music relieves minds and warms hearts.

Mehdi Benjelloun, better known as Petit Biscuit, is a French producer/composer that began creating melodic, ambient electro music and cutting new territory of electronic music at just fifteen years of age. Between countless singles, and sold out US & European tours Petit has accomplished a lot just four years later.

His debut LP, Presence, consists of ever-building melodies and synthy, groove-oriented drops and have garnered him honorable recognition. As a result, the lead single “Sunset Lover” from Presence reached over 290 million Spotify plays. In support of his latest releases, Petit Biscuit continues his U.S tour this Fall. Catch this unbelievably talented act when he visits your city.

Connect with Petit Biscuit: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Connect with SKOTT: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

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