Monthly Artist Feature: Petit Biscuit [JW Collective]

Mehdi Benjelloun better known as Petit Biscuit is a nineteen year-old French producer that is gaining worldwide recognition for his tasteful and sweet-sounding musicianship. He crafts a contemporary style of classical and modern music arrangements, forming a hybrid of ambient, techno, and house music styles.

petit 1

Petit Biscuit’s musical curiosities at a young age paved his way for a remarkable future.

Benjelloun began playing the cello at just five-years-old. He learned to play guitar and piano, years to follow. When he was twelve he began to learn audio production. Two years later he released his debut single “Palms” under his musical alias, Petit Biscuit. He coined the name after his love for French pastries, it was a nickname his grandmother would call him. At the age of fifteen Petit Biscuit began to gain popularity with his renowned single ‘Sunset Lover”. The single peaked at #13 on Billboard charts and currently has over 500 millions streams.

Petit Biscuit released his debut LP, Presence, in November, 2017 under his own record label Petit Biscuit Music.  With his infectious and melodic music brand, the French prodigy captures the essence of peace, beauty, and enchantment. His uniquely orchestrated synths and delicate vocal chops flourish throughout his music. His latest record can easily drift your mind to a natural setting. Imagine climbing a giant Sequoia tree or floating on a giant lily pad in the sea. His creative and ambient music style will take you there.

‘Presence‘ will warm the soul with euphoria.

To support his full-length album, Petit Biscuit toured through major cities across Europe, Australia, and North America and sold out shows in major cities. On the stage, Petit performs his original tracks live using a keyboard, synth pad, electronic guitar, and drum pad. While on his tour Petit Biscuit released his Suffer | Safe EP in October, 2018. The two-song collection showcased another side of his versatile approach. Petit painted a light-hearted electro-pop piece, “Suffer”, which contrasted with the darker and glitchy single “Safe.” The electronic sensation continues to surprise audiences across the globe with his delicately crafted compositions. Still at the early stage of his career, we look forward to seeing how the young talent will grow his artistry.


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